Thursday, November 18, 2010

Nutrisleuth Iphone app...helpful for Food Allergies

For you Iphone users: this app is pretty neat. It allows you to scan the bar code and according to your dietary needs, it will alert you on what is safe or unsafe to eat. Its seems pretty awesome but it looks like it got mixed reviews, so I plan purchasing the app and providing my personal review within a week. Hopefully it turns out well because that would mean less time at the grocery store;)

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  1. Hi Monica!

    Thanks for spreading the word about NutriSleuth, Valerie & I really appreciate it! If you look at our iTunes page we have almost all 5-star reviews :)

    Of course creating technology as in-depth as NutriSleuth is a process, so although we've been at it for 18 months we still have a lot to do, and we are always listening to our users for input on how to make it better.

    If you'd like to evaluate the NutriSleuth app for yourself please drop us a line so we can make sure you have everything you need... and as always, we're here for your feedback!

    Thanks again. We hope NutriSleuth helps make life a little easier for your family and your readers!

    Paula Patrice
    CTO, NutriSleuth