Saturday, January 12, 2013

No Nuttin Bars

These bars are so delicious and healthy for your food allergic kiddos, not to mention convenient!   When I realized that my local Gluten Free shop was no longer carrying them, I panicked!  My daughter loves them and honestly as silly as it sounds, it makes her feel like everyone else.  To have something wrapped and packaged, like all of her friends, for a little while her food allergies seem non existent.

So what did I do?  I went online to try and order them.  Unfortunately the company is based out of Canada and the shipping costs just about as much as the box does!  The only thing I could do was to call my local shop to ask them why they were no longer providing the product.  They're response was there wasn't much of a demand for them.  I said, "I travel twenty minutes to literally clear your shelf!"  Would you consider reordering them and I will purchase them, all of them!"  They said, "Absolutely Mam, we will definitely do that!...and you don't need to purchase every one!" 

Needless to say, my daughter and I were excited.  Never assume, the product is gone completely.  The owners just want to make sure that if they supply, they're will be a demand. Always ask the manager if it would be possible for your store to carry the product of your choice.  You never know, you just might get it.

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