Monday, March 11, 2013

Vitamix on QVC

With a milk allergy, you can't go to the ice cream shop for ice cream or  Jamba Juice for a smoothie.  BUT... with a Vitamix, you can make your own! 

Everyone knows how expensive they can be, trust me I know, I've done the research.  I've checked all the local department stores, online and at Costco.  QVC seems to be the least expensive and they also include the dry mix to make your own flours!  This is great for gluten free folks!  They are going to be selling the Vitamix again during their on-air special on March 22 from 6:00-7:00, check your local listings for time.   

The Vitamix is a great way to offer your children veggies and fruits that they normally wouldn't want to eat.  It is extremely nutritious to start your day with a fresh juice!  Not to mention all of the other things the Vitamix offers, homemade soups, dairy free ice cream, the possibilities are endless! 

With food allergies, you have limitations on what you can eat and so you might be missing some very important nutrients.  Juicing would would be an excellent way to offer your children all the vitamins that they need!

Well I know what I'm doing on March 22! Boy with all the plugging I've done for Vitamix, you'd think they would send me one for free!! 

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  1. With meals allergic reactions, you have restrictions on what you can eat and so you might be losing some very essential nutritional value. Juicing would would be an outstanding way to provide your kids all the natural vitamins that they need!
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