Sunday, June 2, 2013

Counting our blessings..

So here I am with an eleven year old sixth grader!  How in the world did that happen so fast.  Six years ago when I was preparing her for her first day of Kindergarten, I was terrified to say the least!  So many of my worst fears were racing through my head, "What if she accidentally takes a bite of something with peanut in it, What if she drinks someones cup with cows milk in it"?  All of the "what ifs" were killing me, I was a nervous wreck but nothing anyone could tell me would ease my fears.  I knew that we had to just walk through the door and TRUST the system.  We had to trust her teachers, the staff, and the school nurse.

Looking back, I wish I would have eased up a bit and really enjoyed those moments without the fear constantly racing through my mind.  I suppose everything is clearer in hindsight. Anyhow, I am pleased to report that after six years of constant contact with her teachers, year after year, we have graduated elementary school without a single reaction related to her Food Allergies.  I really consider us to be so fortunate but I must say, (not to toot my own horn here but...) I really worked hard!  I mean really, really hard on making sure that I always knew what was happening in the classroom.  I always kept in touch with her Teachers by email or phone call to verify her safety at all times.  I quickly got over the, " What if they think I'm being annoying" ...and I learned that if I want my daughter to stay safe, it must begin with me!  I was always in her corner, always her advocate...that is until she really learned how to utilize her own voice.  As soon as I realized that she was mature enough to handle these situations on her own, I allowed her the right to do so.  We must eventually teach them to fly on their own because someday we won't be there to help them and they MUST learn how to protect themselves.  So I say to you moms out there who are preparing their kiddos for school... do not be afraid, we must learn to silence our fears, they only hold us down from our true potential!  Show your children that great things can happen if you believe that they can! Great luck to you all and wish me luck on dealing with Food Allergies and a hormonal pre-teen!!! Ugh....

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