Monday, March 18, 2013

Here we go on our wheat free journey!

Since our last allergy test, it was confirmed that Julia is also allergic to wheat.  I was amazed at the results because she has been eating wheat since she was a toddler.  The Dr. said that if she eats it now and it's not bothering her at all, there's no need to exclude wheat from her diet.  I was relieved yet kind of concerned.  Seeing that her test results showed that she was just not slightly allergic, but enough to cause discomfort, really puzzled me.  As I was leaving the Dr's office, I began to think, "was wheat really affecting Julia"?  I started to think about all the random headaches she gets, the unusual stomach aches that sometimes lead to vomiting, the constant mood swings.  Was this all because of wheat?  

Well, I did a my wheat free challenge to see if her symptoms subsided and sure enough, no headaches, no stomach aches and no nasty attitudes!  She seemed to be more happy and even seemed to have more energy!  So, naturally I had to give her wheat to see if in fact she would react differently.  She seemed to be fine until the evening.  Her nose began to feel congested, she felt very tired,  and grumpy again.  Next day, even worse.  She woke up with a headache and just didn't feel well all day.  So there you have it, my assumption of, "is it really wheat" was confirmed.  I knew it, something in my gut told me that my little girl was not happy and healthy for a reason.  

What I found to be crucial in dealing with children who have food allergies, is keeping a food diary.  Always writing down the food and reaction to the food is the best way to see how food is affecting your child.  It's also very important to keep up your allergy testing, so that you (unlike me) don't miss something important that might have changed in your child.  So here we go Milk, Egg, Peanut and now...Wheat free!  Wish me luck!


  1. Hello, I'm a mommy of a 3 year old baby girl that also have allergies to egg white, peanuts and milk... and also cats! I found you through PINTEREST and thank God I found you, it sounds like you're struggling with the same situations that I have with my baby girl. How do you deal with it? We just recently changed her milk to soy milk, cause the doctor suggested me to make a little experiment like you did with the wheat... Our experiment was a success! She was with a terrible sinus congestion for almost two months now and the Dr suggested to change to soy milk to see if the congestion goes away and it did. That's something we learned the hard way! I'm relief :) but now my head it spinning around thinking on all the products that contain regular milk, ALMOST EVERYTHING!! Starting with the cheese, what do you do with it? She's was just now learning to eat the whole ham & cheese sandwich... Should I substitute the regular cheese to soy cheese or what else??

    Like I said, I'm so glad I found your blog cause I can relate with you in every topic. I'm your new follower!! I will appreciate any suggestion or respond that you can give out to me in this new journey!! I will keep in touch :) Thank you

    Mrs Yuli

  2. Yuli , we also just got egg, milk, and wheat allergies dx in several of my children. We do use a soy mayo. But I do not buy soy cheese or soy meats. There is a danger with too much soy. IMO. There already other milks too so that you can mix it up.

  3. we also just got egg, dairy, and rice allergic reactions dx in several of my kids. We do use a soy mayonnaise. But I do not buy soy dairy products or soy foods. There is a risk with too much soy. IMO. There already other milks too so that you can mix it up. cheap runescape gold