Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Dairy free, Egg free and Peanut free Ice Cream with only one ingredient!


Ice cream made from just one ingredient!  That's right, just one ingredient!!  BANANAS!  

Delicious, creamy and nutritional dessert that everyone in your family will enjoy. 

Banana Ice Cream.

Take about 3-4 large bananas and slice them. Place them in a freezer bag and store in the freezer until frozen.  Simply place the frozen banana slices in either a food processor or vitamix.  We use the vitamix and get results with it!  

If you're using a food processor just blend till creamy but not too much as it will melt.

If you're using a vitamix, you pulse till you see a creamy texture while using your tamper tool. Stop right away before it gets too creamy as it will begin to melt.  

Simply scoop out the ice cream and enjoy with either enjoy life chocolate chips and chocolate syrup or just alone for a healthy and sweet treat!  Trust me, you will love this and so will your kids!


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