Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bento Box for school lunches

So I came upon a blog of a fellow food allergy mom , and she mentioned that she uses bento boxes for her child's school lunch bag.  I  thought that was a great idea!  Puttin some fun little favorites such as: rolled up lunch meat, some healthy whole grain crackers and fresh fruit seemed like the safe version of a (lunchables) to me. I can't remember how many times Julia would tell me that she wished that she could have the lunchables all her friends are bringing to school everyday.  I went to the supermarket and soon realized that there were not many options available for us.  Most carried milk or peanut.  So , that's when I had to be creative and make my own version of a lunchables.  You can do so many things such as a salad (which my daughter loves) , pinwheels(reciped to follow), or just a simple sandwich cut up real cute (I  use cookie cutters), the possiblities are endless.  Don't be afraid to try new things.  I know that sending the same thing over and over for lunch can get pretty boring for the little kiddos.  Oh and don't forget the fresh fruit!  I know that my youngest Emma gives me a really hard time to eat fresh fruit at home yet at school she always eats it.  Why????  You try running around like a first grader all day and tell me if you'll be hungry by lunchtime!!  I remember going on a field trip once with Julia's first grade class and being completely starved by lunchtime! Trust me, if you put it in their lunchbag they're probably going to eat it. 
Oh and you're probably wondering ...where do you find these fabulous bento boxes?  I know pottery barn sells some really cute pink or blue ones.  If you're on a budget like most people these days (myself included), Ziploc makes these great "Fresh Portions on the Go!" that come with 2 containers & lids.  I just purchased some at my local Target, and it really makes my life a lot easier in the morning when preparing the girls' lunches for school!  Today I made Julia a turkey sandwich, added her favorite little snack... pickles(Snack'mms by Vlasic), and some yummy mandarin oranges!!   What do you know...she had a lunchables just like she wanted!


  1. You are so awesome and creative!! I love it!! What an inspiration...

  2. Check these out - we love them!