Thursday, November 11, 2010

Kudos to Disney Channel!!

This morning while my girls and I were getting ready, my daughter Julia shouted out to me,"Mommy they're talking about food allergies on Agent Oso." 

One of the characters had a cousin coming over for lunch.  They were thinking of serving cheese pizza only they couldn't because they remembered that her cousin is allergic to milk.  They began thinking of what else they could serve instead of  pizza.  They came up with the idea of serving salad for lunch, which is a much healthier choice anyway!   Genius!  It was a great way to teach children about the beauty of having choices!!  It doesn't have to be so black and white!  It shouldn't be about what our children can't have, instead it should be about what they can have! 

It's awesome for children to learn the importance of tolerance!  It's a such a great lesson to be learned at  a young age!  If you have a child that does not have food allergies, and they have friends who do,  ask them how they would like to accommodate their friends. By including them in the decision making process, you'll help them feel responsible and teach them one of life's most invaluable lessons: RESPECT!  Having your child respect those who may be different than them will hopefully end this sad thing that we call bullying!

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  1. I really feel like food allergies have "gone mainstream" in the last few years. Way to go Agent Oso!