Monday, February 25, 2013

Breakfast ideas that are milk,egg and peanut free

Alright, I'll try to keep this list healthy folks!

All of these cereals can be served with rice, soy or almond milk.  We use enriched Rice Milk by Rice Dream in our home.

You must always, always check your ingredients before consuming anything.  Even though you are purchasing a product that you have already used, you must always check the ingredients before opening because they can change.  With that being said here are some foods that we enjoy.
  • Chex Chocolate Flavored Cereal
  • Cherrios Apple Cinnamon Flavored Cereal
  • Cheerios Cereal with Honey or sliced bananas 
  • Kix Cereal 
  • The Food Allergy News Cookbook has a great (Sweet Oatmeal muffin recipe)
  • Steel cut oats with fresh fruit
  • Linda Coss has a great pancake recipe that never fails in her (What's to Eat cookbook)
  • Chocolate Crescents (you can find the recipe here on my blog)
  • Bacon and skillet fried potatoes (on a weekend) not the healthiest but, let's face it.. who doesn't love bacon? 

So that's what I serve at my home for my fa daughter.  Hopefully that helps.  Another helpful tip is to consider baking those delicious sweet oatmeal muffins when your leaving early for a long road trip.  I packed 12 of those muffins in an airtight container with Cold Orange juice in our food bag and the kids loved it!  Healthy and safe on the go! 

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