Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A gratitude journal....

With all of the negative things that we can come up with on a daily basis, it's nice to end the day with gratitude for the great things going on in our lives.  I just saw this show the other day of a young boy who was battling a life threatening disease.  Every night before he went to bed he and his mom would write in his gratitude journal that he kept beside his bed.  It was the last thing that he would think of before he went to sleep every night.  I thought that was the most touching thing that I had ever seen.  Here is a little boy who was dealing with the fact that he might be dying, yet he had so much to be thankful for.  How extraordinary!  I thought, what a great idea.  We should try that at my house with Julia!  She always mentions to me how unfair she thinks her life is because of her limitations with food allergies.  Why not remind her of how lucky she is by making her think of what she is thankful for, everyday!

I believe this would really help keep your kids grounded and appreciative for the little things in life.  So, this weekend we will purchase some journals and get started on what we're thankful for!

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